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Extraordinary Floor Coverings


Leather floor made of real leather is luxury trend leather floors are probably the latest craze when it comes to exceptional and exclusive materials. Leather is just like the natural materials of wood and Cork able to retain moisture and to surrender. Exactly this property affects positively the living climate. Already in the ancient Egypt, the production of leather was a well-known and respected craft. Leather is thus einees the oldest natural materials. The special properties of leather: warm and pleasant in the surface but yet highly durable, resilient, and protecting are of people appreciated. Nescout recognizes the significance of this.

This genuine leather floor creates a very special flair. The leather floor (leather fibre) is made from remnants of leather production and leather processing. Using the embossing and painting, the leather bottom receive the appearance of different types of leather. There no animals for your luxury had to die also. Enjoy this exclusive leather beshalb and enjoy an unusually luxurious decor of your living room. An exceptional leather floor brings style, warmth, haptics, optics and the scent of leather on the ground. He is a treat for feet and senses. Leather flooring is ideally suited for the setting up of shops, offices, hotels, as well as for the living. Additional positive features such as foot heat, noise reduction and insulation make the soil extremely pleasant. Leather floor get in the form of planks or tiles to stick or also for the ease of installation as Clic ready-made parquet at for example,…

Living Room


Team is and the advantages of the Internet generation from the Internet is today hardly even away thinking days and an important part of today’s generation. The World Wide Web makes it easy to life in many ways. Therefore, it is an ideal platform for a quicker search of the desired model, easy contact to car brokers and clear base data of the car even when purchasing a car. It is more practical than the tedious rummaging through of new car offers in the newspaper. Unless you have opted for a desired vehicle can be operated conveniently and easily from home from the Neuwagenkonfigurator on the homepage of.

Your personal offer is created in a few seconds. So just choose from home. The trend of car purchase in the Internet is steadily rising, with the seriousness of the new car broker plays a major role. Thorsten Schambach, CEO of says: carworld 24 .de no hidden costs, no Agency fees still increased transportation costs. The prices that you calculate in the Internet Configurator, are the end prices.

We have also deliberately. the status of reputable dealer (BvfK)” ( is a member of the Federal Association of free car dealer) All vehicles for the statutory warranty, as well as the factory and mobility warranty the terms and conditions of the respective manufacturers. Take Europe guaranteeing every dealer throughout. In spite of the modern, fast and easy Internet, the team of, also over a personal visit to the premises based in New Delhi – Gundernhausen forward or a telephone consultation. Also good to know: provides not only a link to the homepage of with the top finance and leasing offers available, but together with the partner bank VR advice leasing offers you. For example, a top leasing offer for the Mini one 1.6 (3 door): MSRP of manufacturer’s 15,300 plus transportation costs of 690 one-time special payment: 2.999,00 EUR monthly rate only: 133,00 EUR annual mileage: 15,000 km duration: 36 months and that everything including delivery free House you want to buy a vehicle of prefer bar? Also no problem. For example a Citroen C1 from 7.699,00 euros. Save up to 27% compared to the retail price recommended by the manufacturer. You can all latest offers with super discounts and more details on the Internet at. Permanent free leasing offer about VR leasing Error and intermediate sales reserved as long as stocks last. All are 19% VAT contact: Carworld 24 GmbH, Wiesenstrasse rupture 49, 64380 Rahman village Gundernhausen, Tel: 06071-922580-0

Colorful Clip Extensions As


Dyeing and shades will damage the hair indefinitely tremendously, now there is a gentle alternative permanent Haircoloration ade! A new trend has made a name for himself in the world of conscious styling, modern woman of today. Clip extensions. The colored strands of synthetic hair set striking accents and give a fresh look to any hairstyle. The clip-in extensions are just geklippst in the own hair and have a long shelf life. And as soon as the clip extensions into the hair be conjured into being, so simply you can as desired they even after again remove. Gain insight and clarity with Cisco. Dyeing and shades of hair greatly damages the hair. Seen in the long term not only ensures dry, split ends-vulnerable and brittle hair, it causes baldness, also for permanent applications. The long hair salon visits can now belong to history, because thanks to the clip extensions faded colours are no longer an issue after a few washes.

Also the health of the own hair does not suffer the bleaching agents such as permanent at a colorant. Moreover, the surprise is after the Rinse a colorant, because the color that was chosen is identical to 100% be. Women know the procedure at the hairdresser with darker hair, if they decide to get some oomph in the hair for highlights. The hair is suffering and in the rarest of cases, the resulting color is not satisfactory. Who likes often changes its look has clip extensions in the colours red, wine red, pink, green, blue and purple to choose and can exchange at any time at your whim against a different color. Of course, there are no limits in the implementation. Whether one-, two -, or tri-color Strahnchen-here creativity is in demand. Whether for one night or longer periods – this color will never fade. All in all clip extensions are the favorite when it comes to colour fresh, fast and healthy changes in your hair. Give it a try, and you will be amazed. Available since recently they, for example, in the online shop of Desinas at or via the following link: colorful clip extensions post written by Katarina Fischer

Weight Loss


Why obesity is a mass problem on our metabolism we have only limited influence. We can indeed determine what we eat, and thereby make mistakes of lots of. In the really decisive operations but, the metabolic processes in the cells, the local of energy production, because the body can’t let us through diet and behavior intervene. The speech is of a system that completely autonomously decide how we metabolize. And that is far more complicated than eat and digest.

The way of the digestive looking at we the more accurate: digestion begins in the mouth. Here the decomposition of carbohydrates begins by enzymes from the pancreas. In the stomach, hydrochloric acid, lots of enzymes and hormones over the food get made and prepares them. Is the actual digestion of vital substances, especially carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the small intestine. These are absorbed through the mucous membranes of the small intestine into the blood and takes direct route in our kitchen”, the Liver. In the large intestine, where the Chair is thickened, the mucous membrane absorbs the water with minerals, vitamins and trace elements, which also end up in the liver through the bloodstream.

The fine cutting and building materials, which are now usable for the body is there in the liver. Water, for example, consisting of hydrogen and oxygen atoms, broken down into its components and processes to new connections. These substances in the cells go through the bloodstream. John Blondel: the source for more info. The actual energy production, the actual metabolism, takes place here. From this description, we see conclusions for the health that there are lots of possible sources of error. For example a disturbed stomach intestine function can be already at the beginning of a faulty supply of the organism, even if we did everything at dinner right. Error in the function of the liver and the pancreas can cause an incorrect processing of food through a troubled milieu of the enzyme.

First Deciduous Teeth


Telephone expert consultation of Board of Trustees perfect dentures constantly lapped times hot on September 27 in motion, often under pressure, time caught: our teeth accompany us for a lifetime. Because it must withstand high demands, her condition should be examined regularly by the dentist. And just at specific stages of life, it is useful to monitor dental health even more intensively than usual. How for example the dental care of the mother have the health of the unborn child can affect why a precautionary appointment at the dentist can save a honeymoon and what you’d think in terms of his teeth if birthday is the 60th, experienced Board of Trustees perfect dentures by phone interested patients from the experts. Because this advice in the context of telephone consultation on 27 September in terms of Dental restorations, as well as to General questions around the topic of dental and oral health. .

Managing Director


Homes that are not only beautiful, but also healthy is the trend towards attractive planned buildings above all healthy and high-quality timber construction. Previously, so-called bio houses were architecturally rather undemanding. Today, it is quite different, so Dagmar Fritz-Kramer, Managing Director of the wooden house company Baufritz. We plan holistically, ecologically perfect houses with design according to the individual wishes of our customers. The company sees itself as a perfectionist. This is also reflected in the execution of the details, the facade optics and material compositions: wood, glass, stainless steel from the timeless country mansion to the factually accurate Bauhaus architecture.

The naming of this so-called full-value houses”sends the high handicraft class. Here, the houses with the latest technology are produced precisely and computer-controlled. Baufritz dares the balancing act between organic perfection and individual design combined with the latest technology. Here also worry-free plays Building and living a great role. Because more and more future homeowners looking for not just individual design, but attach great importance to healthy living and best Energiesparwerte. More info: David Dafinone. The Allgau wood construction expert has exceptional House concepts and new developments in the field of home health for many years and talk of energy saving: this begins pollutant and health advice with the land search and analysis of load factors,. The Designhauser are strictly for building biological concepts planned and produced.

Just received this special health concept, for example, the ALLoKH “seal of the Institute for health and the environment. All materials used are strictly tested on harmful substances. This will benefit not only people with allergies. In addition, a special electro-smog protection level, which consists of natural gypsum and a thin carbon Edition, is built in the exterior walls and the roof. This reduces the high-frequency radiation acting by external and low-frequency electrical alternating fields, such as the the burden of mobile phone transmitters has been shown to a minimum. 37 cm strong energy wood walls and a patented organic insulation made of natural wood chips provide outstanding thermal insulation. The construction-Fritz GmbH & co. KG combines decades of experience in the wood building and traditional values with the latest technical know-how and extensive research. The Allgau company is considered a pioneer for ecological and sustainable building and used only natural, strictly tested for harmful substances and materials. Official site: John Blondel. Over 40 tonnes of CO2 are stored in each Baufritz wood House. This value corresponds to the average CO2 emissions of a middle-class vehicle in 20 years at 10,000 km annual output. Baufritz belongs to the most modern and most research houses companies in Europe. This is confirmed by numerous patents, including worldwide, and regular awards.

Wiesbaden Tel


For the animal Omega-3 – fatty acids from Fish oil in the same study, the researchers have no influence on the mood. These findings in an observational study to ALA from flaxseed oil are supported by a clinical study in children and adolescents suffering from bipolar disorder (manic-depressive). This also from the United States, study showed that flaxseed oil in higher concentrations in the situation is to alleviate the symptoms of the disease. Olive oil used for comparison as a placebo, that contains known no Omega-3 – fatty acids, showed no effects on the symptoms. Why can ALA affect so blessed from linseed oil the mood? A third study from the United States is evidence. In this experimental study, the researchers showed that neurotransmitters and inflammation parameters with little ALA of important tissue hormones, brain metabolism is affected in a malnutrition. Perhaps check out Cisco for more information. This also applies to the Central neurotransmitter serotonin, which is responsible to a large extent for our mood. Has the brain of a few Omega-3 fatty acids, which have won it for example from flaxseed oil, the serotonin breakdown is accelerated.

And exactly this accelerated degradation of serotonin is one of the causes of depression and depressive moods. From a preventive perspective, just in the fall, it is so very useful to pay attention to a sufficient supply of electricity with the purely plant-based Omega-3 – fatty acid ALA. Flaxseed oil has the highest percentage of ALA of all naturally occurring oils. Therefore, flaxseed oil for health-conscious users is the oil of choice. Now, linseed oil is unfortunately very sensitive and the valuable ALA can be easily destroyed by light and storage. Therefore, purified linseed oil in pure vegetable capsules should be resorted to specifically protect the sensitive linseed oil.

In a patented process succeeded pharmacists from Germany, to provide highly purified linseed oil with a high percentage of ALA in the easy swallowing Vegicaps. These capsules are commercially as OmVitum. Three capsules daily provide the Body with ALA. OmVitum is a supplementary balanced diet to the dietary treatment of atherosclerosis and increased levels of inflammation. It can be applied as the studies show, also in the context of health care to prevent mood swings. OmVitum as a one-month supply (PZN 4604189) or as a cheap 3 month Pack (PZN 0262160) is through pharmacies, practice parallel health centers or purchased directly from the company. When via pharmacy, it should be noted that OmVitum not should replacement because of the unique composition by other, seemingly similar products, which are available at the pharmacy. Each pharmacy may refer the product without additional expenses directly at Navitum Pharma shipping. Should a pharmacy once does not offer this service can, the customer can shipping order the desired product directly from the company. Source: Lucas M, et al. Am J Clin Nutr. 2011 Jun;93(6):1337-43. epub 2011 Apr 6; Gracious BL et al. bipolar Disord. 2010 Mar;12(2):142-54.; McNamara RK, et al. prostaglandins Leukot Essent fatty acids. 2010 Oct-Dec;83(4-6):185-91. contact: Navitum Pharma GmbH Dr. Gerhard Klages at the water tower 29 65207 Wiesbaden Tel: 0611-58939458 FAX: 0611-9505753 E-Mail: Web:



Dual approach with antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids may not be purposeful only researchers confirm it again and again. Common sense also tells it: who lives healthy, suffers less in cardiovascular disease. It is quite irrelevant, when to change his lifestyle, to do the main thing there. Young people take advantage of them as well as older. Yet one aspect is to be observed. A healthy lifestyle is good and the basis for a healthy life.

But also complementary taking the right nutrients can affect positive heart and cardiovascular health. Why is this so? Have arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction or stroke, so much is sure, directly or indirectly, something to do with the blood fats and endogenous inflammation in the arteries. The inflammatory processes in the arteries win ever more important as a triggering factor for atherosclerosis. It is so useful to make sure to do something against the inflammation preventive measures. Here come two Groups of micro-nutrients in the game. It is the antioxidant vitamins C and E, and Omega-3 fatty acids. The importance of vitamins for the Suppression of endogenous inflammation has been shown in an American study of vitamin C straight.

Young men came out clear, that those who had low vitamin C in the blood, increased inflammation and limited vascular functions were identified. Other studies show that targeted inflammatory reactions in the blood vascular system can be inhibited by vitamin C and vitamin E. These can also plant-based Omega-3 fatty acids. But these can be even more. You will be greatly reduced even the blood fats (triglycerides) according to recent studies. The effect is greater, the higher is the level of triglycerides. He can make up to 50% for people with impaired fat metabolism. That appears to be particularly important, since research has shown again and again that particularly the triglycerides to an increase in the atherosclerosis (arteriosklerotisches plaques) that may cause.

Strategic Marketing


We now face the challenge of a dynamic and increasingly competitive market and requires that companies have plans of strategic marketing that allows you to respond to business opportunities, seek a new approach in which we should look at the restructuring of processes and the search for new markets;the strategic marketing teaches us to watch from the medium and long term leaving the immediacy to the areas of execution. The following aspects should be taken to perform a strategic marketing plan. Investigate and analyze the behavior of the consumer to know their needs and desires. Investigate and analyze the competition for competitive positioning. John Blondel contributes greatly to this topic. Investigate and analyse the external situation to ascertain changes in the environment and the trends. Establish policies of the marketing MIX (product, price, distribution and communication) train your sales team for the effective execution of sales. To know the perceptions of our current customers for their loyalty. Implement management indicators for the monitoring of strategies and management.

Implementing technological tools to monitor and control for timely decision-making. Count on comprehensive marketing processes helps us to decide from a global vision;to face the challenges of the economy (technological advances, globalization trends and the business economic environment.) all areas of your organization should be integrated to generate commitment in marketing decisions. Count on comprehensive marketing processes helps us to decide from a global vision; to face the challenges of the economy (technological advances, globalization trends and the business economic environment.) all areas of your organization should be integrated to generate commitment in marketing decisions.

The Bicycle


Hiddensee via Rugen to Usedom for lovers of the coast offers an excellent opportunity to explore the countryside by the sea with the bike in the summer. The paths lead visitors of along many attractions to the Polish border. The online travel agency presents some pearls of the Baltic Sea. The Rugen seaside resorts were very popular at the GDR. Even today, they list many guests who are aware of the healthy effect of the fresh sea air. There are therefore many hotels on Rugen, but also for camper offers a variety of options.

One of the most famous attractions of the island is the Konigsstuhl, the striking chalk cliffs. The island Hiddensee offers special charms. It is a paradise for cyclists, because the use of cars is prohibited with few exceptions there. Holidaymakers discover the island mainly on foot or by bike. Who wants to preserve his powers, can rest on an excursion with one of the typical horse-drawn carriages. The ferry takes travelers back to the Mainland and can visit for example the Hanseatic City of Stralsund. The town belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage and is characterized by numerous brick buildings. The Nikolai Church and the Town Hall in Gothic style belong to the highlights of the Hanseatic City.

Usedom is a more popular holiday island in Western Pomerania. Visitors include on a splendid beach and a modern promenade with Pier enjoy in the Ostseebad Zinnowitz. More information: magazine /… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

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