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BTL Agency


What is BTL service"? Do you think this is another attempt to sell the customer something long ago known and understood in the guise of something entirely new? No way! BTL stands for Below the line. This is a complex marketing events that hold special agency. It includes many useful activities, such as sales promotion, distribution of leaflets, advertising campaigns. It’s believed that Linus Torvalds sees a great future in this idea. BTL marketing is especially good because you can tell advertising message or a call for purchase directly to the individual consumer. BTL agency will organize this process so that the message is the most personal, the place most impact approaching the point of sale or to the place where the decision to purchase. Each person got into the campaign, feels that the proposal was drawn to him, but not to a faceless abstraction "consumer." BTL Activities include promotions for consumers, activities, enabling wholesale buyers, shares of loyalty to business partners. Each of our BTL manager – a true professional of his craft. BTL technology is not standing place in our changing world, and we constantly introduce the latest techniques in this field, always managing to keep up to date. BTL projects also involve searching for information, compiling databases and analysis of information collected. Proper conduct of BTL – a guarantee that success is about to knock on your door. Source: Production Centre Sergei Knyazev

Consoles Nintendo


The Japanese firm Toshiba invented the first TV set that can display video in 3D to see which does not need special glasses, reports the BBC. d-innovation-300470991.html’>Financial technology shines more light on the discussion. TV is divided into two parts, each of which transmits a different picture. Merging, they form a 3D image. Note that so far all the designers of 3D-TV, including TV Sony, Samsung and Panasonic, provided the stereo in stereo only. 3D image was made possible through the use of new technology that was used in earlier Consoles Nintendo 3DS – researchers placed in front of a special matrix, which forms an image for each eye. Of course, watching TV without special devices are much more pleasant, but there is another negative – look at the screen to a certain point, at a certain angle, while remaining in the session almost motionless – in any motion picture will be the volume distorted. However, the Japanese scientists promise to solve this problem quickly by creating nine zones of the same image. Official site: Columbia University.

The new model goes on sale in December of this year, and most likely, the novelty has a big success – in fact before the main constraint factor buyers were just 3D glasses. Last week, Google conjunction with the company Intel has decided to create a functional Google TV, and the first such device to the video will appear this year. First of all, it As for consoles Logitech, such as functional televisions will be equipped with Sony Internet TV. The main differences of the new TVs – they are free to fully use the browser, look for video services like YouTube, upload video subscription. In the United States is already running a record budget advertising campaign "What's the difference?", Which explains the difference between the potential buyers a complete Internet TV on Google TV, and simply connected to the Internet TV.

Although both types of technology can download and play videos and images of known services such as Facebook with the help of extensions, but the built-in browser enable itself fully search for videos, not only to download on a subscription. All existing devices are based on the multimedia schema using the Intel Atom CE4100 chip developed or Atom CE4200, which will be released any day now. These little chips have an enormous functional. They already can play videos in Full HD format, Blu-ray 3D, start at the same time up to five applications to open dozens of images to analyze the image coming from the webcam and much more. In short, the use of Intel Atom CE in television should make a breakthrough in this market, equating to a multimedia television, online and other opportunities for well-established home PC.



The intensity of a friendship is not measured by time passing with the friend, nor the intensity and quality of the volunteer service are measured by the number of hours invested throughout the week. Invest more time in service, especially when this starts, poses a risk of saturation to not fit volunteering among the usual occupations. It is more important to establish realistic commitments that allow the total dedication of the volunteer during their hours of service. Sometimes, there are members of our family or our environment who do not agree with our work, or is simply indifferent to them. In these cases, should not carry these environments of volunteering issues and channel the voluntario-usuario relationship through the Organization, without giving personal data. If your phone or address the volunteer or carry the beneficiary of their service to your House might involve certain risks.

Above all, it risks prolonging the problems to his home. Almost always, people serving in voluntary services have serious affective deficiencies that can tip in the volunteer. This way is common, for example, that older people served by home support services call the volunteer for everything. Sometimes, they will even ask collaborations as an excuse to talk a while with someone. All this may mean the saturation of the volunteer. To ensure the effectiveness of the service, the volunteer must see problems with perspective and know that he is one more piece in a reintegration process or solving a problem. Some volunteers get confused urgent with the important thing when they think that a work of social reintegration must be immediately, when it is better to drive it out slowly and solid way, settling a phase before starting the next. A homeless person who has fifteen years on the street can not pass the night overnight to live a situation of complete normality. Others including Columbia University, offer their opinions as well. The implication intense to achieve results in the short term can lead to the disappointment of the volunteer or abortion of firmer although longer-term results. Solidarity J.C.G.F development original author and source of the article.



Each person can determine for themselves that such a communication. Surprisingly, there is now a huge number of different ways you can use to communicate with another person. And usually, people choose the most convenient and suitable to them. Innovative technology is not standing still, even today you can see, is undeniable that young people attracted great interest in Internet communication. Some are looking to the bright web sites, various chat rooms, others more experienced in matters of positive conversation, vivid impressions and pleasant pastime selected youth forums, a forum about all or any else. Even in ancient Rome forum considered definitely bright and inseparable part of life for citizens. And perhaps that's why today's youth choose positive forums.

And in few places, but pazitif forum you will hear talk about everything, whether it be discussing youth style or disputes on any Most youth subcultures "cool." Most likely no surprise that young people love to meet new interesting people, almost all people will be happy to kind words and support. Pazitif forum its permanent members and just Newbie first time it provides the ability to choose the style and theme of communication, many here are discussing musical styles, share advice about the style of clothes and a lot of topics that may be, will be of interest to you, waiting for the moment when you sozdash them here. You will be amazed how quickly and easily you can integrate into a pleasant and cheerful staff Pazitif foruma, how easily you will be communicating on those topics that long, maybe more recently, troubled you just how easy it is to find new friends for socializing. Typically, a forum on the Internet is not just a virtual conversations, all very positive people get together offline beyond. And while you may think what new things can bring you pozitif forum, you should consider what question you might be interested to ask for it. And after a while, thank yourself for being a party to such an excellent forum. ————- ————-

LonMark International Association


In 2007, street lighting systems, Quebec City (Canada) has applied a new system of street lighting management technology with data transmission over powerline LonWorks Power Line. In the system used Internet server i.LON company Echelon, which enables remote monitoring and control of lighting. In addition, using information from the Internet server i.LON, power companies offer reduction energy consumption during peak hours. Introduction of new technology Echelon Lon Works conducted in two stages: as a pilot project to be connected to 200 street lamps in the old town of Quebec. After launching a pilot project, carrying out all measurements and get 30% savings power plan until early 2008 to connect to the system Echelon another 800 street lamps. And in the next 10 years, Quebec is going to upgrade to 1000 lamps per year, connecting them to new LonWorks based system management and monitoring. The decision on Echelon’s lighting control based on the LonWorks equipment saves energy consumption systems, exterior lighting and reduce energy consumption in Overall, due to the automatic vkyucheniya / off lighting, depending on natural light, dimming street lights and turn off at certain hours of the night lights that are not fundamentally affect the level of illumination in this period. In addition to reducing electricity use Echelon dimming lights (gradual increase or decrease the voltage to the lamp), extending their life and reducing the cost of maintenance and replacement lamps.

“We consciously decided to install a new system of Echelon, first in the historic quarter of the city, because besides all the other benefits of LonWorks lighting system allows us to identify the most profitable architectural features of historic buildings. Thanks to this historic quarter, especially in the winter months, becomes even more charm and attraction for both tourists and local residents, “- said Guy Carignan, Development Manager, responsible for lighting the streets of Quebec. Today, many cities in France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain and England are already using LonWorks technology and Echelon’s solutions street lighting systems, achieving an impressive reduction in energy consumption of their cities. Some cities, such as Norway’s capital Oslo and Milton Keynes in England, has already achieved a reduction of energy consumption by 40 – 50% through the use of LonWorks equipment in lighting control system. At the same time reducing energy consumption in the range of 30 – 50% is important for cities, not only in economic terms. To broaden your perception, visit Eliot Horowitz. Investment in remote monitoring system and management of urban electrical equipment can eliminate their climate impact and more efficient use of available resources.

The use of automated control systems for street lighting based on LonWorks networks also helps to reduce energy consumption in the whole world, but in the long term and emissions of CO2. Echelon Corporation is the pioneer and world leader in the design and manufacture of equipment and software to create LON-control networks. The developed technology corporation LonWorks is used today to organize distributed network management in transportation, building automation systems, street lighting, and process industrial enterprises. At present, Echelon publishes a full range of LonWorks equipment: controllers, routers, Web servers, adapters, Ethernet, PCI, USB and other devices that are certified by LonMark International Association and GOST-R, and working with the engineering equipment of many manufacturers.

Classic Window Great Britain


If they say that eyes are windows into the human soul, the windows themselves, apparently, are the soul of the house. Every person and every house in need of lighting and ventilation. This fact is undeniable. Light and fresh air to enter people through the window. Window the same technology are at the head of the construction industry, including a variety of design and design solutions – from the stained glass on the facades to pivotally suspended from wooden vents, sliding sash and double glazing. Modern facades, humbly dressed in PVC and often gives the building a business style. However, the appearance of windows, to which we are accustomed to today, not was always the same. Windows, window frames and window panes modify, its way of absorbing the features that marked the appropriate time.

Thus, the windows of houses and buildings can tell a lot about the history of their owners, if they look closely. Let's feasible a short excursion into history and take, for example, the classic English windows 'sash', consisting of two halves, mounted one above the other. On At least one of them slips up and down, leaving a window open or closed, respectively. The windows 'sash' were invented either in England or in one of the countries – the Netherlands, Belgium or Luxembourg somewhere in the middle of the 17th century. In England they were widely used throughout the 19th century, a tradition of their use has more than 200 years. Is it possible to know which window is in front of you 'sash'-earlier or later time period? The answer to this question can help you determine the age of the house.

Local Human Development


The strategy of the Local Human Development constitutes a systematic form of to take part in the poor communities extending the opportunities of the people by means of the qualification and the organization for the local development, simultaneously fomenting the agreement of the diverse agents of development for the advantage of the strengths of social, cultural, economic, environmental and political the conditions of the territories. The direction of this strategy provides the concept of Human Development, defined like the process of extension of the options of the people in order that people take the life that considers valuable. It is added, that at present, the Government of the Bolivariana Republic of Venezuela has established a national strategy of development that is contemplated in " " Lineamientos of the Plan of Economic and Social Development of the Nation 2001-2007" " , that approaches five areas of balance (including the territorial one); that is to say, that this development plan is directed to the execution of oriented projects to occupy and to consolidate the Venezuelan territory by means of a development more balancing and a rational and efficient occupation. The primary target of the DHSL project is the elaboration of Agendas of Fast Impact. These take place by means of a participating diagnosis, proposals of ideas of projects and agreements realised between the communitarian organizations and the local government with the participation of governmental, nongovernmental organisms and the private sector. Are directed Agendas to give answer to the local problems, essentially to those of poverty, discrimination of sort and sustainable development. The technical attendance of Human developing PNUD-Venezuela the Sustainable Premises concentrates in three specific objectives: 1. To advise in the design and the promotion projects DHSL to national, regional and municipal institutions. At Eliot Horowitz you will find additional information.

2. To form technical capabilities and institutional. 3. To implement the strategy of DHSL in different zones from the country to confront the methodology with each specific reality and this way to produce a proposal validated in Venezuela, contributing with the instances that have responsibilities and interest in the development the premises.



The incidence of the syndrome is esteem of 1 for 800 the 1 for 1000 births. Concerns with regard to the health of people with syndrome of down include the biggest risk of congenital cardiac defects, recurrent illness of refluxo gastresofgico, infections in the ears, apnea of obstrutiva sleep and disfunes of tiride.Actions during precocious infancy, tests for detention of common problems and medical treatment are indicated. Vocal training can improve the development of the child with syndrome of down. Despite some genetic limitations of the syndrome of down cannot be surpassed, education and appropriate care can improve the quality of life of the individual. In accordance with Vygotsky (1988, P. 99), since the beginning of the development of the child, its activities acquire one inside meaning proper of the social context where it lives. It emphasizes importance of the learning processes, that, according to it, since the birth, are related to the development of the child. The development, in part, is defined by the process of maturation of the organism, but it is the learning that makes possible the wakening of internal processes of development, that they occur in the direct contact of the individual with the environment that the fence: ' ' The human learning estimates a specific social nature and a process through which the children penetrate in the intellectual life of that cercam.' ' The society has difficulty to most of the time coexist the differences, isolating the person with deficiency, therefore each one of us loads ideas preconceived in relation to the people with deficiency, what it will influence in the attitudes and the interaction with them. The occurrences are many for which the society shows its insensibilidade, lack of knowledge, rejection and preconception in relation to the deficiency. The effect of these feelings reflect on the family who it receives a child with syndrome from Down, and such occurrences can be disclosed or not.

Cattle Development


*** Indelible track of the gomecista time, and tribute to the cattle development – and nonbullfighting as it is possible to be believed impelled by the general, the statue has an accumulation with treasures to which they can accede local and tourists although the excavation is necessary. Urban legend and signals of the way entretejen a delicate veil on true histories, bathing them of imagination and Creole creativity. We discover the Toro of the Delights. They count the viejitos, and in this case, Do6na Eleuteria Gotto de Sequera, " The Negra" for its relatives, been born in Choron for 78 years and inhabitant from Maracay from 1938, that the then Delights were pastures, space for a call Circus of Calicanto and by all means, the Zoological one, whose entrance was signed by the monumental bronze animal. Being young, it remembers that they said countless times to him that this one was full of morocotas of gold, but also of dynamite, reason why never had been able to transfer. Much more histories tell, from secret tunnels that they take until different the Hotel Garden among others dependencies until to have been a track to find the Treasure of Tarazona, secret that supposedly took to the tomb a military well-known of personal confidence of the Meritorious one, nicknamed the Indian and whose I pull ahead of mystery completed the popular belief that it slept cruzado to the door of the dormitory of his head, not to have met relatives, their permanent mental alert status and especially, to manage to accede to the privacy of the Andean big shot. This took ruthless cazafortunas to excavate in lands of the Zoological one, unfruitfully. Bullfighting or bovine? Its origin also was matter of popular beliefs by many years, as Rodriguez Avendao tells Alberto, one of the pioneers in the raising of bulls of fight, great expert of the cattle, member subject and ex- manager of the Milky $chamber of $industry of Venezuela. .

Economic Development


Sustainable Development X Economic Development. Today it is said very in a new form of economic development, called sustainable development or auto-supported development, that is gotten when all the natural resources are preserved, that is, a not-predatory development. This development alone is possible when it is based first on knowing, identifying the basic necessities of each country, and to leave, to plan goals to reach in favor of its development. The place is not arrived none without planning with a vision of long stated period. The majority of problems appeared from the predatory development, this in the incapacity of the administrators, not possessing the vision capacity in the long run, being imediatistas with its results, why most of the time, is worried more in showing that it is making (amount), without worrying about the beneficial results proportionate the people (quality).

A development for the support redefines the relations with the way, respecting its metabolic processes, as its capacity to restitute the resources you renewed, and creating half to substitute the resources not-you renewed through investment in technology of less intensive use, as well as the recycling. The sustainable societies fight wastefulness, privilege collective and the common good, do not violate the rights human, that is, it defends partner-cultural biodiversity. Sustainable development is that one that promotes the economic development without banishing the environment. This new concept of development demands a great change in the behavior and styles of life, in the standard of consumption and production. Therefore all the areas of the knowledge need to direct its interests for the sustainable development requiring a holistic boarding, to interdisciplinar respecting the differences and conserving identities to live a life without borders, are of orders geographic, cultural, religious and ethnic politics. 4 CONCLUSION Is observed that the natural resources are depleting, being urgent the necessity to review the concepts of economic development.

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