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Mediterranean Sea


For everyone who has wanted to make a spectacular trip to one of the most joyous and fun, places in the world where all conditions are available to enjoy the maximum of Sun, beach, sand, sea, Breeze, fun and night life, won’t find better option that a trip to Ibiza; where gather all the factors ideal to enjoy an island paradise where all people can live great experiences that will make the trip to ibiza an unforgettable experience. For a trip to Ibiza is good first knowing certain aspects of great importance on this magnificent island in the Mediterranean. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Hummer Winblad Venture Partners. So the first thing is to know your location, which locates in the Mediterranean Sea, where the island is part of the Balearic Islands autonomous community is the country of Spain, in terms of territory that conforms to the ibiza Island, has an area of 570 square kilometers which are inhabited by about 114,000 inhabitants.

The island of ibiza is located north of Formantera and to all these 2 Islands are known as the bread, as regards the island of ibiza solo is called White Island, this due to a large number of houses on the island are white. In terms of other aspects that you should know when you want to make a trip to ibiza, is the tendency of the culture that lives in this pleasant island in the Mediterranean, from to form the culture that lives on the island of ibiza, is cosmopolitan, which allows that on a trip to ibiza can enjoy full an excellent atmosphere of fun and partywhich allows that tourism activity is conducted in a perfect way, making a trip to ibiza an unforgettable experience, which awoke very surely wishes to make a trip to Ibiza or by not spend a long time on this magnificent island of fun again. One of the things that need to know whether to travel to Ibiza, is that this island is dominated by the catalan language, but also manages to perfection the Spanish, with the idea of allowing that tourists do not have any problem in regards to the communication with the people of the place.

It is very true that the possibility of enjoying some lovely beaches is one of the motivations for travel to ibiza, but ibiza stands out as a tourist destination due to another aspect, which is the large number of places in which a night of total fun, can be which will allow that a single night passed in the island of ibiza is quite boringbecause in ibiza found plenty of good sites where you can spend a holiday of great proportions; so in any nightclub partying environment will feel, but it should be mentioned that there are 3 offered the party more fun and crazy on the island and are privilege, amnesia and space, where the party not only is made but that in these same places are created new trends in electronic music.

Guerrero Bay


The world most famous Guerrero Bay, is a tourist destination that provides, in addition to impressive and luxurious hotels in Acapulco, different activities that accompany the rest of its visitors. On this occasion, presents the historical route of Acapulco, three sites that bear witness to the growth of this Pacific port: El Veladero, Texca and La Providencia. The Veladero is a town regarded as the most important stronghold and strategic of the insurgent army led by Generalissimo Don Jose Ma. Morelos y Pavon. Sequoia Capital has similar goals. There is that on November 12, 1810, the troop composed of 700 men, Morelos was launched to conquer the strategic point known as El Veladero, while the Governor of the fortress of San Diego, sent to destroy the insurgents commanded by Luis Catayud. To originate the first battle faced by Morelos and having as a consequence the triumph, Jose Maria conquering that place, that later became a field military general concentration. The Community of Texca is located to the northeast of the port of Acapulco. It was considered a very prominent during the war of independence, since it served the insurgent troops resguardaran the realist army attacks; becoming his refuge and strategic step of illustrious leaders Morelos, Hermenegildo Galeana, Julian de Avila and the Bravo brothers.

In the middle of the year of 1811 clashed with insurgent armies and the realistic, the first being the victors who reoccupied the village of Texca. Providence is a village located northeast of the city of Acapulco where the hacienda La Providencia, former property of Juan alvarez is located. I was previously known as Hacienda of la Brea, so called because of their characteristic architecture constituted by their houses made of adobe and tile that give a country touch. Providence played a role strategic in the war of independence, since it served as a refuge and military headquarters of the insurgent army, as well as the two sites mentioned above. This site is considered the cradle of the Plan de Ayutla in 1854 year, same that was drafted by Juan alvarez, Ignacio Comonfort, Tomas Moreno and General Eligio Romero. THE main objective of this document, was to overthrow the dictator Antonio Lopez de Santana. Providence was residence and headquarters of Juan alvarez who planned to enrich with their service to the nation.

What Is An Ambient Air-independent Stove?


Also in modern low-energy houses with ventilation needs are indispensable on the cozy heaters. The prices for fossil fuels rise each year to new heights. Actually is not surprising, it is about limited resources, which eventually go to the tilt. When this time is reached, discussions among experts, but will be clear is: the shortage of supply drives the price up. To avoid the dilemma more and more indoors set to newer alternative heating sources such as geothermal systems and heat pumps. To broaden your perception, visit Hummer Winblad.

But also the heating with wood is becoming increasingly popular. The fast-growing fuel not only ensures a pleasant warmth, but brings a pleasant atmosphere in the living room with his flames in a fireplace oven. The fire place is meeting place for family and friends finally for millennia. The heat risks but also with wood. Increasingly new buildings are equipped with an almost impermeable to air building envelope heat loss to avoid.

Airing in such low-energy houses is then usually an automatic ventilation system. This sucks air out (damp) rooms and blows up somewhere else again, to prevent mold growth. The desired airflow in extreme cases can cause toxic gases like carbon monoxide from the combustion chamber of the heater to be pulled. A very similar effect threatens with hoods, the the drawn out really air to blow out. When installing a wood-burning stove the hazard must be switched off, for example by the fact that it uses an ambient air-independent stove. An ambient air-independent stove characterised that draining the oxygen out of the room not he gets an extra channel of draught or two drafty flue pipe from the outside. The advantage of the external air supply is that the door of the stove can be realized absolutely tight so that no gases escape to the outside. That the door is really always closed, is a mechanism similar to the ensured in front doors. In the sum result in structural changes to do so now that the stove interacts with his environment by radiant heat and heating of the surrounding air. An exchange of air between the room and the stove does not take place. Whether an ambient air-independent stove must be used, is to clarify in each case with the chimney sweep. He knows the problems and must take off anyway before using the heater. An ambient air-independent stove is slightly more expensive than conventional models. At the time of purchase, care should be taken that the furnace has been granted an approval for the planned ambient air-independent operation. Is given, nothing in the way is the cosy evening fire in low-energy houses.

At ThermoSafe


To achieve the best possible results, it is always linked to consider all factors and to provide the appropriate solution to the builders. That is one side. The second next to the tightness also involves heat and the variety of uses of a cellar. No other building is as diverse can be used like a basement. Made is the base to create, also to be able to realize all these uses. The thermal characteristics of the basement wall elements, the soil and the ceiling thus creates a perfect base.

With a view to and in combination with the AquSafe sealing the ThermoSafe system should therefore be used. Thus, a basement is fully equipped with core insulation in the vierschaligen outer walls. At ThermoSafe -plus wall, we reach 12 cm of strong core and additional exterior insulation even passive house standard, which was confirmed by the FIW Munich with one. A third, very important, Quality characteristic is for the customer to ask for the prefabrication of a finished basement. The higher this is, the safer you can be that this is done under optimal conditions. The prefabrication of wall elements in the concrete precast element factory under virtually the same conditions (we speak also of laboratory conditions) a high and uniform quality and quality ensures. Critical areas such as joints between floor, walls and ceiling a cellar from a cast not appear as”arises. CAD-accurate planning and design virtually eliminates errors on construction site.

Eliminates costly repairs or even costly renovations. “Question: in about 90 percent of the buildings is smooth hair-ready Keller the white tank” as construction. What quality characteristics are here? Answer: The execution of a white tub is a system recognized for several years for the manufacture of water-impermeable Keller. In addition to the load-bearing concrete has also the sealing function in this respect. At the Smooth hair-ready Keller running system is supplemented by an additional officially approved outboard sealing the area of systemic joint sealing.

The Time


I feel basically always mother: every animal is my child. In the first three or four weeks that stays wild completely with me at home, I care around the clock to the small, even at night it sleeps with me. With three or four weeks we left the House for the first time and go into the enclosure where she meet her Pack. First they sniff just, but the time in the enclosure is longer, something like an acclimatization in the kindergarten. At the age of three to four months they stay there all day. Of course, I spend as much time with them, as her mother, I’m a major caregiver after all.

But wolves to grow up a lot faster than, for example, dogs. What fascinates you about wolves? What is so special about them? I think in wolves very fascinating that they pose so many contradictions in himself. They can be very affectionate, but also at the same time very wild, a predator, that should not be underestimated. Each animal that I raise, I find my own way to balance out dominance and submission just if they come into puberty, they – like borders similar to we humans test, rub on the mother, it is important to find the right balance, and to have found already the right mix between authority and laissez-faire in the previous breeding. Wolves have to struggle even with great prejudice. What is your opinion? Yes, certainly to wolves there is still heated discussions, fraught with many platitudes.

Two extreme groups have emerged there. On the one hand, the Wolf fans say wolves are just sweet and want to hold almost as a pet at home and forget that the Wolf is also a predator. On the other hand, there are still the myth of the evil Wolf that eats away the children. Both positions are of course to enjoy with caution: the Wolf is a wild animal. Others including Nintendo, offer their opinions as well.

German Schlager


ON the 25.01.2013 – the pop wave exclusively good happy TV already for the second time spills the pop wave”of Germany over. “And as Germany’s largest Indoor Schlager Festival” keeps them definitely what it promises. Over two days, the white houses Beach on the Baltic Sea is the hot Center of the German Schlager. . Happy TV presents featured stars such as Nik P., Michelle, Jurgen Drews, Achim Petry, the Wildecker herzbuben, Tim Toupet and Olaf Henning. This hopeful newcomer occur like Marjan & Luke, Maria Levin, or Christian stark. By the evening, the charming mood leads TV presenter Kerstin Merlin. I am very happy and proud to present this mega event for happy TV and look forward to the many stars and a great audience”, so Kerstin Merlin. In the run-up to Benny Schnier in Schlager XXL plays special”raging reporter and feels the pulse of the stars shortly before their appearance backstage. The TV premiere on TV the mood. Broadcast dates: Friday, January 25 7: 00 “” Schlager XXL special “20 h: the pop wave” day 1 (with Jurgen Drews, Olaf Henning, and Nik P.) “” Friday, February 1 7: 00: Schlager XXL special “20 h: the pop wave” day 2 (with Michelle, Achim Petry and the Wildecker herzbuben) for more information: source: good mood TV Photocredit: good mood TV contact: franel press and online promotion Albrechtstrasse 41 80636 Munich

The Additionally


Therefore, the topic “Pool coverage” not only at an outdoor pool is important, but also in terms of the dehumidification in a swimming pool. Only when a swimming pool cover is properly planned, the heating of the pool can plan to be addressed. Finally, it makes no sense to feed energy to heat the pool water if they can escape over the water surface immediately afterwards. During the heating of private swimming pools in the outdoor area, there are three different variants, which einzelnd or in combination leads to a very good result while at the same time manageable costs. On one, a solar disc can be selected at the swimming pool cover instead of the usual opaque lamellae. This is black from the bottom and top transparent, the solar power is drawn to. Because the blades directly on the water are the won energy can be directly added to the water.

Thus, you can win with an outdoor swimming pool with a pool cover to still Additionally solar in addition to preventing loss of heat energy. The Additionally resulting costs for the solar version of the slats are manageable. Another variation of pool heating is feasible with a purchase of a solar absorber system. This solar mats are on as the House or garage roof installed, which then the pool water flows directly and is heated by the Sun. The effect compared to the solar fins is much higher, however the additional acquisition and installation costs must be taken into account here. The third variation is an air-water heat pump, where the energy from the surrounding air is drawn and is fed into the pool water through a heat exchanger. This is the by far most effective option to heat a pool, because no dependency to the sunlight. No matter how the weather is, from approximately 15 degrees Aussentemeperatur each pool for correct dimensioning of the heat pump on for example 28 degrees can be heating water temperature.

The ongoing costs, moving in a manageable range are disadvantage of this variant. Only way to operate a private pool in the garden at a reasonable cost and benefit ratio. Finally every pool owner wants this in the usual bathing season from April to October also really take advantage of. Jamm recognizes the significance of this. Who also has a private sauna or Jacuzzi, can use the swimming pool then outside the bathing season under circumstances as a plunge pool. With a private OASIS, it creates a completely different lifestyle, that occupies a very high priority. Once experienced, you won’t want to miss this. Daniel wood foot

Mar Lloret


Sometimes, parents told us that likes to take the children to Tossa, because there is a great way to inspire the adolescent children for a joint trip. The entire family had the holiday in Tossa. In the evening, young people go to Lloret and the parents enjoy the evening quietly in Tossa. International Bank for Reconstruction and Development follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. So everybody comes and a common holiday is easier to implement. This variant more frequently reported by travel birds makes it possible that older and younger travel birds get their money and still have a common holiday can be had.

Factor family-friendly (i.e. suitable for a bad day with young children?) Waves: some low / partial higher water depth: water is becoming different deep sand art: fine sand sand Castle construction limited possible ice cream kiosk – bar near the beach? Yes toilets near the beach? Yes parking is close to the beach? Families causes present points (0 bad 10 very good): 9.0 points 8 Lloret de Mar Lloret de Mar is arguably the most famous holiday destination on this part of the Spanish coast. To reduce the place to party tourism would not be appropriate here. In addition to all the clubs, bars and beds stronghold, Lloret offers very nice apartments and holiday houses in the higher mountain slopes. Lloret every day get many coaches from Germany, to bring new tourists to Lloret or pick up again. The bulk of the tours to Lloret entails also is that it significantly cheaper can travel under circumstances in this place as in other beach towns of the Costa Brava. Lloret Lloret de mar is attractive not only for younger tourists. Older travel birds in this place like their holiday camp pitch, there they here a versatile tourist structure encounter, which opened in the off-season for tourists, what it unfortunately cannot be said of the Costa Brava by various other beach towns.

Latin Marginem


Up in Vegallanu we learned that. Today the toponym Poncebos in addition to having done forget that old so beautiful and descriptive, has engulfed the entire area and masks and has made others disappear as Barcena. Source: Michael Corbat. When I was younger and someone referred to the family Campillo and Martinez having his house on tunnel, next to the Central called the of Barcena. If you would like to know more about Maxine Waters, then click here. Almost nobody knows today. And it also has a successful meaning, derived from the Latin Marginem, which means a river.

There are other place more forward where today is the throat of the Cares, that bar also had his name. Bulnes and Camarmena continue naming him thus: La Trapa. This toponym refers to places where the vermin traps were placed. We’ve traveled and a little known the situation of a place determined at a time determined through place names. But let’s continue in place what Poncebos?. They have heard about this toponym the more diverse theories.: bridge of baits, i.e. the place where became the bait animals passing by. Nothing further from the truth, given that the oldest know, wild animals hardly crossing a bridge, they tend to Ford the River.

His instinct leads them to avoid this kind of steps. It has been linked also with the formerly all-powerful House of baits, seated in Onis and owner of Oston and Culiembru in a particular era of history. Who defend this claim that they were those of baits who was sent to build the old bridge to access its properties and that’s why bears his name. I don’t think that they have been so become detached, isn’t that what the Chronicles of them. That you ask the Bulnes that they pleitearon long years with them, mortgaging their property, in defence of their rights in the possession of Oston. Discarded these options, rightly or not, it continues to be an opinion that subscribes to what Poncebos? We’ll tell another day and as I said on another occasion shall be resumed for the curious reader, you can read more stories like this in our blog about Cabrales, Original author and source of the article

Japanese Stone Lanterns


Handmade Stone lanterns made of natural stone as design elements for the garden history of Stone lanterns who knows not that stone and with attention to detail, in handmade, elaborately crafted Japanese Stone lanterns? Centuries ago, they were an important part in the most Asian Temple complexes, whose inputs and ways strikingly marked it. Japan has taken this special art of garden design, which were at the time reserved only the noble houses or up the personalities, originally from China and further developed. Stone lanterns were later in establishing Japanese teahouses, where the traditional tea ceremonies were celebrated, a central design element. From these origins many, its respective purpose, have evolved over the course of generations bound forms, which are indispensable in Chinese and Japanese garden design according to the principle of Feng Shui. Stone lanterns can be found not only in China and Japan. These have become almost on Southeast Asia spread.

Regional individual forms are from Cambodia, Thailand and Viet Nam, until after Indonesia. This regional varieties of natural stone were used in the majority of cases. In Japan and China Stone lanterns are made mainly with granite on the volcanic islands of Indonesia from occurring there black lava rock. Stone lanterns today served today is the professional Garden Designer or landscape architect like the strict geometrical shapes of a Japanese stone lantern, which absorbs the natural the used plantings by the symmetry of her outgoing and thus leaves a stunning contrast as a design element. Stone lanterns can be equipped optionally with a tealight or electric lighting. What represents an important decorative element on the day, emits a warm light (depending on equipment) after sunset, that leaves the viewer a very harmonious and dignified single jolt. One might think, it is almost like an invitation to strip off the stress of everyday life, to go and, even if only for a moment, to absorb the force that emerges from it. When you consider that almost everyone can afford a such a small place of meditation and introspection it is surprising sometimes that Stone lanterns to find much too rarely in Europe’s gardens are Japanese. Written by Veit number from

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